soljahchic (soljahchic) wrote in finest_jawlines,

This has been a long time coming

I totally owe this to the community~!

For those who don't watch it, this is Gale Harold from Queer as Folk.
HE is mega hottness!

His partner is gheysexcrime Randy Harrison!

Just because his sexy....

now THIS GUY truly has a jawline to drool over!

*Ian somerhalder**SQUEEE*

ok I'm going to give this a try but if it doesnt work plz dont kill me.  
I dont know this guy, vice versa in regard to knowing me, he posted pictures at his own risk, but gosh...his hot!

Ok now some people may think my taste in preppy french boys is a little weird, but this guy drives me up the wall!  He is oooooozzzzzzing with sexiness.  We should just call him, french sex!

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