Клементине (five_eight_six) wrote in finest_jawlines,

Our first Sex God!!! How exciting!

Tom Sturridge is our Sex God of the Month!
What that means is... well, I don't quite know yet! We'll just try to include as many Tom pic-spams as possible, I suppose.

'a dark, handsome chap with an arrogant twist to his mouth'

For those who are, erm, unenlightened:
(who couldn't love a young, talented (not to mention handsome!) Englishman?)


Oh! Pardon me, I almost forgot:

Clock that jawline! ;)
He is impossibly gorgeous - *sigh*
Tags: sex god of the month, sturridge
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Hehe can't go wrong with him. I love your icon.
yes, definitely the safest choice, really! no one can deny his hotness.
Tom is definitely the best choice for sgotm!
ah, yes! *sigh* if only he good be the sex god of every month! :D
Ah!!! I have not seen him lurking near my house yet...he will show. He must.

but my vote still went to you. ;D
hahaha! yes that was v sneaky of you!
one of the new rules should be 'your vote must be a male', eh?
just hang around west london. he'll show. he always does...
I am watching Vanity Fair at the moment. Or I was...when I return to my room I shall continue with the sexiness that is also known as Military Men.
have you bothered watching bert's deleted scene? hahahahahaha!!
military men, eh? sounds interesting. i tried to find it on imdb - no luck.
i'm downloading corpse bride - i haven't seen it yet! :o!
omgggg! i meant MM as in the boys in Vanity Fair. LOL!! OKAY so he is in a deleted scene. GOOD. i will go and watch that. i always search the film for him and alas there is no luck. CB is not bad. i love love love tim burton so i get biased. :D
bert has such rosey cheeks. aw.

these kids dress like victor: http://myspace-223.vo.llnwd.net/00476/32/25/476715223_l.jpg
lollerskates ;D
YEAH! do they happen to be british? their hair is a bit off.
...Holy hell.
haha, exactly! ;)
*GoesINSANE* This guy is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've seen IN SO LONG! I mean besides Tom Welling, we need to discover new hot people.
ah, jeez, tell me about it! as much as i welcome the discovery of hawtiez, with guys like tom s & tom w around we needn't fret of some kind of hawtness drought. ;D